Never Ask a Pooka – More Kithain


I just ordered a copy of Book of Freeholds, so faeries are still on my mind. I didn’t have any part in the creation of the book, but I’m really excited to see what they have come up with. It’s a very strange feeling when you go from being the creator of something then having to step away and see that thing take on a life of its own. I suppose it’s a little like having a child complete with the joys and the anguish.

While I have faeries on the brain, there are still a few Kith that I haven’t covered so let’s take a look at them, shall we? For those who may have missed previous posts, I’ve been delving into my original inspirations and why these Kith were included in Changeling: The Dreaming.


Like leprechauns, pixies are probably one of the most commonly known types of faeries. But also, like the leprechaun, there is a very specific image set into people’s minds. I wanted something that captured the feel of a pixie without actually calling it a pixie. After a little research, I settled on Piskie, the Cornish name for pixie. They are essentially the same thing just with a slightly different spelling. And thus, we have the Piskie. Simple story.


Clearly, the Satyr was inspired by Phil “Satyr” Brucato. Just kidding… mostly. If ever there was a living Satyr, Phil is it though. Seriously though, dangerous sexuality has always been a part of the faerie lore, and the satyr filled that role nicely. They had the added bonus of being outside traditional Celtic faerie mythology being Greek in origin.


Another of the Changeling kith who come from outside Celtic myth (it always perplexes me when people say that Changeling only deals with Celtic fae), the Troll is our version of the Norse and Scandinavian mythological being. Granted, our Trolls bear little resemblance to the myth. Like many of the creatures in the World of Darkness we took elements of the stories, their strength, and their stubbornness, and twisted it to make it our own. I don’t recall which artist did the first sketches of the Troll or how they came to be blue, but I know that some of what they came to be in our fiction stemmed from those first drawings.

The Others….

I believe that covers all of the core Kith. Of course, there are many more: the Nunnehi, the Menehune, the Hsien, and the Thallain. While I came up with the overall concept for most of these, credit for their actual creation goes to the authors who worked on their respective books. One of my goals when creating changeling was to introduce fae from every culture. While the term faerie is mostly of Celtic and Germanic origin (with a  few Greco-Roman elements), if you dig deeply enough you’ll find something that seems an awful lot like a faerie in the mythology of just about every culture. I never did get to finish that quest, but I’ve seen lots of amazing work by folks out there who have their own amazing interpretations. One of the amazing parts of creating roleplaying games is seeing people take what you have created and making it their own. New stories and new worlds grow every day from that seed that you planted and to me that is a truly remarkable thing!

Keep Dreaming!

Art by Bryan Syme

Book of Freeholds




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